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Astrology, Marriage, Sex, and Compatibility


“Marriages are made in heaven”, is a well-known saying. So too can be said,”Divorces happen in hell”. The fabric of Indian society weaves itself strongly around the well-established and time-tested institution of marriage built upon a well-thought of procedure and societal sanction. It is as rigorous as any ISO certification. “Once married, married for life”, is the slogan or motto of Indian society. It is very strongly believed and rightly so, that marriage between a man and a woman approved by law, is not just a civil and social contract between two people but is also a union of two different families and their harmonious relationship into the future.

The starting point before a boy’s family ‘sees’ a girl of similar status for mutual agreeability to the marriage proposal is the involvement of an astrologer for judging the astrological ‘matching’ or compatibility of horoscopes. In the so-called ‘love marriages’, this aspect is of no significance and hence, only a suitable ‘muhurta’ as per electional astrology is fixed (if required) for the marriage ceremony performance. That the ancient Hindus had devised a method to judge the marriage compatibility of the bride and bridegroom in all aspects – physical, mental, spiritual and biological – speaks immensely of their foresight, insights and skills in social architecture.

As soon as a ‘middleperson’ brings up a likely ‘match’, the families refer the horoscopes of the boy and the girl to their astrologers for their astrological examination with regard to compatibility, commonly known as ‘matching’. There are three main factors to be considered:

1. The longevity of the boy and the girl

2. The strength of the 7th and the 8th houses

3. Agreeability of 12 factors or ‘Koota Milan’

The seventh house in a horoscope pertains to one’s partner. If Venus and Mars are in the 7th, the boy or the girl will have strong biological urges and so, such a person should be married to a similar one for compatibility. Judgement of longevity requires expertise and novices should not even attempt it. Once the minimum requirement of agreeability is achieved, the astrologer gives the go-ahead to the family, otherwise, he suggests skipping the proposal.

In ‘Koota Milan’, twelve (12) factors of matching are considered. The sixteen ‘Kootas’ are Dina, Gana, Mahendra, Stree-Deergha, Varna, Vasya, Graha-Maitri, Yoni, Rasi, Rajju, Vedha, and Nadi. Of them, the most important are Yoni, Rajju and Nadi. The maximum ‘marks’ or units of agreement are 36 (thirty-six) and a minimum of 18 (eighteen) are considered essential apart from the satisfactory matching of Yoni (sex), Rajju (duration of married life) and Nadi (physiological temperament). For the matching process, only the birth stars of the boy and the girl are needed. There are 27 (twenty-seven) ‘nakshatras’ or constellations in Indian astrology, not counting ‘Abhijit’. Each ‘nakshatra’ is sub-divided into four ‘padas’ or quarters. The constellation in which the moon happens to reside at a given moment is the ruling star of the moment. The one at the time of birth is the birth star. Some astrologers attach greater importance to ‘Graha-Maitri’ or friendship between the lords of the ‘Janma Rasis’ (sign of the moon in the horoscopes) since this determines the psychological dispositions of the couple. Some exceptions are also provided as otherwise marriages would not take place at all!

What happens if the ‘Janma Rasis’ and/or the ‘Janma Nakshatras’ of the couple are the same ? The commonly accepted verdict of the ancient Indian astrologers and sages, in case the ‘Janma Rasis’ are same, is that the boy’s birth star should precede the girl’s. In case the ‘Janma Nakshatras’ of the couple happen to be the same, they should belong to different ‘Padas’ (quarters). It is essential to avoid the match if the common star is one among Bharani, Aslesha, Swati, Jyesta, Moola, Dhanista, Satabhisha or Poorvabhadra. If, however, the common birth star relates to two different ‘rasis’ (signs), and the ‘Pada’ of the girl relates to the preceding sign, it is acceptable. In case, the common birth star belongs to two signs equally (Mrigasira, Chitta etc.), the ‘Pada’ of the boy should relate to the preceding sign. Some more exceptions have been laid down to make allowances for matching if there is a strong demand for the alliance. However, the honest and sincere astrologer should put forth his objections without any bias.

‘Kuja Dosham’ or ‘Mangalik’ is one major obstacle to marriages in India. This arises due to certain placements of Mars (‘kuja’ or ‘mangal’ or ‘angaraka’) in a horoscope with respect to the Ascendent, the Moon, and Venus. Certainly, this ‘dosh’ or evil is dreaded by any father, particularly, of a girl! Mars in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or the 12th house causes this incompatibility. There are two flaws committed by most astrologers. One is to reckon the position of Mars in the ‘Rasi’ (sign) and not the ‘Bhava’ (house) while the other is to ignore to ascertain whether this ‘dosh’ exists from the Moon and Venus. The evil is stronger if it is from Venus, less stronger from the Moon, and least from the ‘Lagna’ (Ascendent). Further, not every position of the above-mentioned five placements will endanger the life of the spouse. The 2nd house signifies family, the 4th happiness, the 7th spouse, the 8th longevity, and the 12th pleasures of the bed. ‘Kuja Dosh’ gets annulled if it is present in both the horoscopes. There are several other exceptions which have to be carefully considered before declaring incompatibility of the horoscopes.

The Western astrologer can greatly benefit from a deeper understanding and application of the methods of compatibility adopted by his Indian counter-part and save the great number of disastrous marriages in the West which has an inerasable effect on the unfortunate off-springs of such marriages. Of course, the new Indian generation has started emulating the undesirable pre-mature practices of the West. They will do good to themselves and the nation if they try to fathom the time-tested value system of India and avoid the pitfalls of the Western society.


Source by Mohann Krish

Zi Wei Dou Shu – A Chinese Astrology System


Zi Wei Dou Shu is a system of Chinese Astrology used by many professional Chinese astrologers. Although it is less popular than its counterpart, Ba Zi (also known as Four Pillars of Destiny or Eight Characters), it provides comparable insights into a person’s character, potential and luck throughout his or her life.

Ba Zi expresses a person’s Chinese solar year, month, day and time of birth into four pillars comprising each of a heavenly stem and an earthly branch. The astrologer then studies the relationship, the combination, clashes etc between the stems and branches in the pillars to make inference of a person’s character and potential. Zi Wei Dou Shu on the other uses a person’s Chinese lunar age (date and time of birth) and express then into a model comprising of palaces, stars, stems and branches to denote time and the four forces generated by the heavenly stems.

There are 12 palaces to be exact arranged in a 4×4 matrix. There are Self, Sibling, Spouse, Children, Wealth, Health, Travel, Friends, Career, Property, Mental and Parent palaces. Within each of the palaces are the heavenly stem and branch that denotes time frame e.g. decades, years, months, day and even time. Also located within the palaces are stars that can range from as little as 18 to 114 depending on the school that your practice. And finally the four forces (or changes).

There are broadly two schools of Zi Wei Dou Shu namely the Three Harmony School and the Four Changes (refer to forces) School.

The primary difference between the two schools is in the emphasis. The Three Harmony School places much more importance on the stars in each palaces and their combination with other stars in selected palaces. The Four Changes School place much more emphasis on the four forces (that exist in every palaces) and hence are able to make as many inferences with much lesser stars. The Four Changes schools typically use between 18 and 30 plus stars only.

Both the systems have their strengths and weaknesses but in the hands of an experienced astrology, it can reveal a lot of things about the person. For example aside from telling you about the person’s character, it can also tell his or her career and wealth potential, relationship with others such as spouse, sibling, children, children and friends, his or her physical and mental health and migration potential.

Besides these it can also reveal a person’s luck e.g. career, wealth, relationships and health in every decade and year.

Needless to say learning the system is not easy and it takes years even under proper guidance to be reasonable good at it.


Source by Henry Fong

Love Astrology – When Will You Find Love? The Most Important Aspects To Look For


Timing is everything. Astrology holds the key to timing.

Love and astrology has it’s own special timing, and there are indications within your progressed chart that will help you hone into those special years when someone new will be coming into your life or it’s an indication of a marriage year.

First you have to have your natal chart in order to compare your progressed chart to it. There are three progressed charts to work with. There’s your forwarded directed chart, converse directed chart, and your solar arc progressed chart.

When you get your progressed charts, you can begin to compare them to your natal chart (a three wheel chart is recommended). Each planet progresses at a different rate, and when one of your love planets progresses to make an aspect to one of your natal – or another progressed – love planet you have a love year, bringing you either a new love relationship or possibly a marriage year !

Aspects that are formed by the progressed planet to the natal planet are the strongest, but you will also see them making aspects to the other progressed planets. I’ve seen love connections when converse to converse were seen, and progressed to converse, but most importantly progressed to natal. In many cases you’ll find up to 3 of these indicators from all or any of these combinations.

Here’s a list of what to look for, the planet in bold is the progressed planet, the other planets can be natal or progressed. And numero uno love planet is Venus of course!

  • Venus – Sun, Moon, Mars, Ascendant, Descendant, MC, IC, Chiron, Jupiter, and any planet in your 7th house or your 7th house ruler.
  • Mars – Sun, Venus, Angles, 7th house planets and rulers.
  • Sun – Venus, Moon, Mars, Angles (especially the Descendant) and Chiron.
  • Moon – Venus, Sun, Mars, 7th house planet or ruler.
  • Progressed Ascendant/Descendant – Venus, Moon, Sun, Jupiter, 7th house planets and rulers.
  • Progressed MC/IC Angle – Venus, Moon, Mars, 7th house planet Or 7th house ruler.

The aspects seen most frequently are conjunction, trine, and the sextile. However, squares and oppositions are noted as well.

The most frequently seen aspects for love in astrology are between these planets in order:

  • Venus/Mars
  • Sun/Venus
  • Sun/Mars
  • Sun/Moon
  • Moon/Venus and Moon/Mars
  • Any of the love planets to the Angles and 7th house ruler

And one more to look at is your Arabic Part of Marriage and love planets making an aspect to this point.

When you are comparing your progressed love planets to

natal/ progressed planets, look for an orb within 1 degree.

Look for Venus to work her magic from the time the aspect is exact to 1 degree after. Mars works a bit faster, look for an orb 1 degree before to exact. All the others are in the works anytime the orb is within one degree – before or after.

To fine tune the timing of when a new love or a marriage will take place look to the transits that set off the progressions.

If you are already in a love relationship and you are looking for a marriage year this works too!

That gives you an overview of love – astrology style.


Source by Beverly Broeker

Taurus Astrology and One of Their True Birthstones – The Apophyllite


Happy birthday for all members of the Taurus Tribe! We are moving on from Aries energy to feeling more grounded and willing to take care for our physical reality and well being. Making practical plans and then following through with it step by step is the Taurus’ way of life. Of course the coloration of self expression of different Taurus people are due to what else they have going on in their chart. The house position and the aspects to your Taurus Sun will make a significant difference in how you might express yourself as a Taurus.

A Taurus is not like any other Taurus

For example: I have a late Taurus Sun in the 12th house as well as my Mercury who rules my Gemini Ascendant. For me this Sun position helps me to condense spiritual concepts, like astrology, and make them applicable and useful. I always had a way with words, even if it is definitely more of a challenge for me to write in English then in my mother language German. And I am a meditation teacher and healer which all relates to the 12th house. For me things always have to have some practical application and value.

I think that is also the reason why I love to work with the healing properties of gemstones so much, because they are a very concrete manifestation on one hand but very transcendent in their connection to the non physical realm on the other hand. They can balance and imbue us with their essence. They can uplift us to higher states of consciousness if we use them for our meditation. Or they can alter our frequency if we wear them in our jewelry with us.

I also love beauty in all its forms: in nature, art, design, people, animals, gemstones and crystals, jewelry. Taurus is ruled by Venus and my Venus is in my first house which makes it double important for my life. Everything has to be beautiful for me. My room has golden yellow walls and red accents everywhere and every piece has a special meaning and beauty for me. How does that work out for you? How important is beauty in your life?

The Late Spring Sign of Taurus

By the end of April the Northern Hemisphere is free of its winter snows and it is time to attend to caring for the Earth and planting crops. In general you can say that Taurus people are very much in tune with the Earth. Due to the influence of Venus, they have a great love for beauty found in things such as art, jewelry, and the natural landscape. They are loyal, patient, and deliberate in working toward their goals, just as farmers must be in tending their crops from planting through harvest. When a Taurus person undertakes a project, it most likely will be completed! Grounded in reality and the physical world, they excel at professions such as artist, farmer, the financial sector, and politics.

Taurus likes to be comfortable and often likes to stay at home and make it their castle. My husband is a Cancer Sun with Taurus Ascendant; he almost never leaves the house. Physical comfort, health, good food, sex and everything that helps to enjoy the world through their senses is important for Taurus.

How Gemstones Can Enhance Your Taurus Experience

Taurus is a feminine earth sign. What better way to celebrate the Taurus love of beauty and the Earth than with beautiful gemstones, the hidden treasures of the Earth?

Gemstones have both physical and metaphysical qualities that can enhance all aspects of your well-being. The perfectly aligned crystal structure of gemstones creates an energy field that interacts with our own when you meditate with it, hold it or wear it on your body. In this way, the gemstone can be used to calm you, bring you mental clarity, increase your energy, enhance your creativity, and much more.

The Signature of Gemstones

Each gemstone has its own personality depending on their planetary composition. We call this the personal “signature” which is specified by the chemical composition, hardness, the color, translucency and reflection and crystal structure. Like for example if we know a gemstone has iron in it we know this is a good stone for all Mars related issues. So whenever Mars has hard aspects that stone would help to balance that friction.

Below you will find a description of the Apophyllite, one of the true astrological birthstones for Taurus taken from the book Jewelry and Gems for Self-Discovery:Choosing Gemstones that Delight the Eyes & Strengthen the Soul.

This time I want to introduce you to a very special and rare gemstone you might not have heard about yet.

Apophyllite (Moon, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune, Chiron)

Apophyllite is a very rare, light green, four-sided, diamond-faced crystal found in only one place on the Earth, in Poona, India. The Poona mine was closed after some years of operation due to the objections of citizens to the dynamiting in the middle of their city; thus this is a very rare stone and good pieces are hard to find nowadays.

I love this stone because of its unique generous qualities for the heart. In its natural crystallized form it can be set into beautiful pendants and worn right over the heart. This is a stone for the heart chakra and connects us to the Christ consciousness and love in its highest form.

This energy is focused in our heart and connects us with the quality of compassion as a result of realizing who we really are: eternal spiritual beings of love, experiencing ourselves as humans on this earthly plane.

The light color of Apophyllite is soft and gentle, almost like a fragrance, and its energy very subtle, soothing, and expanding. The heart’s longing is to experience communion and oneness with God, with life in all its facets. It is the longing of the soul to melt the shell around the heart and heal its wounds, and compassion is the natural outcome of this process.

The planet Chiron represents the wounded healer. Chiron shows us our deepest hurt on the astrological chart. He shows us where we need to heal ourselves and where we can become a healer for others as a result of our own experience. Chiron and Neptune are hand in hand, joining their energies together to help us experience the highest truth of love and compassion: this is what we call “Christ consciousness.”

Apophyllite also may bring up emotions that are not in line with the Christ consciousness or oneness consciousness. It may work as an accelerator of spiritual growth by helping us to cleanse ourselves of grief, anger, jealousy, and fear- all the so-called negative emotions-by realigning ourselves with the truth that we are divine consciousness.

This crystal is one of the most powerful healers for the heart and thus it is a stone for healers. It is very beneficial to wear this beautiful, unique gem over the heart, or for meditation you may put it on your third eye or on your heart chakra. It goes very well together with the Ruby or Spinel, which add other aspects of the heart.

Gemstones Can Offer You the Highest Potentiality They Carry

Reading about the qualities of the Apophyllite you might not have imagined this to be necessarily qualities of Taurus. But Taurus is a deeply loving and caring being and can be truly centered in their heart in all their physical actions. For all of us wearing a pendant with Apophyllite over our heart can lift us up into the higher consciousness of oneness and unconditional love, helping the heart to flower. And I believe that is our deepest longing.

Aloha and many blessings, Shakti.


Source by Shakti Carola Navran

Effective Use Of Blue Sapphire In Astrology


Blue Sapphire is an effective gemstone which represents the planet Saturn. It is considered as the symbol of royalty and romance. It provides miraculous results especially in Saturn transits like ‘Sade Sati’ and reduces the malefic effect of this powerful planet. According to vedic astrology, Saturn gives the fruit of hard work, so hard working people can get the blessings of Lord Shani and achieve huge success with the help of this gemstone.

It is said that effects of Blue Sapphire are always good but one should consult an expert astrologer before wearing the same. Also, it is very important to wear this gemstone in its prescribed manner to avoid its negative effects.


The strongest and fastest acting gemstones that give health, wealth, peace and prosperity to the wearer.

  1. It protects the wearer against hatred, witchcraft and malignity.
  2. If this gemstone suits you will surely be blessed with good fortune.
  3. It simplifies even the most complicated things and blesses with mental clarity.
  4. Blue Sapphire shows exemplary healing properties to soothe the senses and blesses with calmness.
  5. It improves digestion and takes away lethargy.


Blue Sapphire not always brings changes that are good for you but it has some negative effects too.

  1. Minor mishaps or accidents indicated that this gemstone is not suitable for you.
  2. You may suffer from insomnia or stress if it does not suit you.
  3. Avoid wearing cracked blue sapphire otherwise it can cause trouble to your eyes.
  4. A blue sapphire stone with milky appearance can lead a person to poverty.
  5. It should be worn only once after consulting an experienced and skilled astrologer.

When and How to wear Blue Sapphire?

If you are planning to wear Blue Sapphire then you are advised to wear at least 2 carat of it for fruitful results. Make sure that you wear this stone on Saturday in the middle finger of your right hand. Before wearing it soak it in pure cow milk, honey and gangajal for about 15-20 minutes to extract all the negative energies. Burn five incense sticks and take out the stone from the mixture. Also, chant ‘Om Shanishcharaye Namah’ 11 times and wear the ring.

Wear Blue Sapphire as per your Zodiac Sign

Aries: People born under this sign are advised to wear this gemstone when their Saturn is in major or sub-major period position.

Taurus: This gemstone will bless you with health, wealth, name and fame. Taurus born are governed by Venus and Saturn shares a very good bonding with it. So, you don’t have to think twice before wearing this auspicious stone.

Gemini: You are suggested to consult an astrologer before wearing this gemstone. You should wear Blue Sapphire during the Saturn period to get expected results.

Cancer: When your Mars and Saturn are not placed well then you can wear this stone.

Leo: The ruling planet Sun does not share a good bonding with Saturn. So, people of this zodiac sign should wearing.

Virgo: A Virgo can wear this stone when Saturn is placed in 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, 10th and 11th house.

Libra: Ruling planet of this sign is Venus, so Librans can wear this stone for beneficial results.

Scorpio: Scorpions can wear Blue Sapphire if Saturn is in 3rd, 4th or 11th house.

Sagittarius: Take advice of an experienced astrologer before wearing this stone.

Capricorn: It is suitable for people born under this sign as Saturn is the ruling planet of this zodiac. This gemstone brings positive changes in the life of the wearer.

Aquarius: Drastically changes the fortune of people who belong to this zodiac.

Pisces: Avoid wearing this stone because the ruling planet Lord Jupiter and Saturn does not share friendly relations.


Source by Jagat Kumar Rakesh

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Astrology


OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is an anxiety disorder. It is characterized by distressing intrusive obsessive thoughts or repetitive compulsive actions. Obsessions are ideas, images and impulses that run through the person ‘s mind over and over again. People who have OCD often have other kinds of anxiety, like phobias or panic attacks, also may have depression, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), an eating disorder or a learning disorder such as dyslexia.

Medical Astrologer’s View:

DOB: 18-06-1985, TOB: 06.41 PM IST, LAT 16N34 LONG 82E01

The Native is suffering from nervous disorder, OCD and depression along with severe stress and problems like shivering of body, remembering his own breath, losing concentration so quickly at many times, feeling lonely, mentally hurt and developed a complete negative attitude towards life and lost his Job because of abnormal mental situation and no concentration.

Aries is the first sign of Zodiac and stands for Head and Brain. Mars, the Lord of Aries rules over Head and all diseases related to the Head and Brain. Sun rules the vital fluid in the body. Ascendant is also to be considered. So affliction to Aries and Ascendant and their lords and the planets Sun, Mars in an astrology birth chart will cause disease of the brain.

The fifth house from ascendant in an astrology chart rules over the wisdom or intelligence. Afflictions to the 5th house and to the Moon or Mercury will also cause mental disease. Moon governs the mind intellect and affliction to Moon will cause mental excitement or depression. Mercury controls the entire nervous system and intelligence and any affliction to Mercury will cause mental imbalance. Saturn or Rahu afflicts Moon or Mercury; the native may get to mental depression. Gemini is the sign of reasoning and Cancer is the sign of emotions and severe afflictions to these signs will also cause mental disorder.

For a Sagittarius ascendant, Mars and the Sun are benefics. Venus, Saturn and Mercury are evil and Jupiter and the Moon neutrals in an astrology chart. Here Aries is the 5th House and its lord Mars is placed in 7th house in Gemini and placed in Arudra star ruled by Rahu. Aries is also afflicted by the placement of Venus and Rahu. Venus and Rahu are placed in Bharani star aspected by malefics Saturn and Ketu from Libra. And thus Moon is severely afflicted. Four planets Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury are placed in Gemini sign and heavily afflicted create mental disturbances. Mars and Mercury are placed in Arudra star ruled by Rahu. Sun and Moon are placed in Mrigasira star ruled by Mars.

Mercury rules the nervous system and Saturn rules the windy pressure in the nervous system. 3rd house from Zodiac is Gemini and rules over nerves. Conjunction or affliction of Sun and Moon in an horoscope causes mental disease. Afflicted Mercury and Moon in Gemini, 3rd house from Zodiac, in astrology birth chart cause mental disease. 6th house, the house of disease is Taurus and its ruler Venus is severely afflicted here. Saturn and Ketu are placed in Libra and Rahu is placed in Bharani star. The Lord of the 6th, Venus is placed in its debilitated sign Virgo and weak. 6th house is aspected by ascendant lord Jupiter.

Rahu’s placement in the 5th house[trine] aspected by Saturn create mental problems. Ascendant lord Jupiter is weak by its placement in Capricorn and afflicted by Saturn. Saturn and Ketu are placed in Visakha Star ruled by Jupiter. In Navamsa chart [D9] Moon is afflicted by Rahu and Sun and Mercury is afflicted by Saturn and debilitated Venus. In Drekkana [D3] Chart Moon is placed in Gemini and afflicted by Saturn, Sun and Ketu. Mercury is also severely afflicted here.

In Shashtamsa [D6] chart, Moon is afflicted by Sun, Venus and Mercury. Mercury too afflicted here by Saturn and Mars. Fifth house of the D6 chart is Virgo and afflicted by Saturn and Sun in D6 is afflicted by Rahu and Ketu indicating mental problems. Conjunction of Sun and Moon in Aries in D6 is the clear indication of mental trouble. A weak Moon in the 12th house of D6 chart indicates mental difficulties. Mercury is afflicted in the 3rd house and Moon is placed in 12th house in D6 indicates mental disease.

The association of Moon and Mercury is not favourable in astrology chart and the native will have the feeling of guilt, insecurity and suspicion. Affliction to the Moon will affect the mind and suffer by his own imagination. All these afflictions to the significators in the astrology birth chart and divisional charts are responsible for nervous disorder and mental depression.

Certain postures of yoga are beneficial for treating depression. The Simhasana (lion pose) yoga posture increases the glow of the face by providing more oxygen to the facial muscles. Matsyasana (fish pose) is posture also helps in providing relief from tension and relaxes the mind and the body.

Rasayana treatment, head massaging (like sirovasti, thalam), meditation are involved in Ayurvedic depression cure treatments. Wearing a three Mukhi Rudraksha will help to get confidence and energy to face any situation. It is very useful for those who suffer from depression, anxiety, and guilt induced complexes.


Source by Pradeep Muthukulam

Prostate Enlargement in Astrology


Prostate gland is a tiny gland present under the urinary bladder and surrounding the urethra. Overall the whole sexual health and the urination process of male are dependent on a healthy prostate. The problem arises when the enlargement is of more than that of a normal size.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is the technical term for prostate enlargement.

The enlargement of prostate causes problems in genito -urinary system like difficulty with starting to urinate, urinary tract infections, difficulty in maintaining a constant flow of urine, dribbling at the end of urination, frequent feeling of urination, increasing numbers of times the need to urinate during the night, increase for urgency to urinate frequently, incapable of empty your bladder completely, blood in urine.

Around 100 million men are suffering from prostate disorders.

Astrology can predict the cause and the timing of beginning of the prostate problems.

Factors responsible for prostate enlargement

· 6th house: house of sickness

· 8th house: excretory system and bladder, prostate gland

· Moon: genito and urinary derange

· Mars: inflammation, infections, contagious diseases Mercury: genito-urinary disorders

· Venus: suppression of urine, venereal complaints

· Saturn/Rahu: chronic diseases, produces blockages and obstructions, anything that impairs normal functioning or gradual erosion of functions.

· Jupiter: enlargement of organs, fluid retention,

Different combinations for prostate enlargement

· Mars in ascendant denotes prostate problems

· Rahu and Saturn placed together in any house may cause prostate problem.

· Rahu, Mars and Saturn posited in ascendant, chances of having enlarged prostate increases.

· Rahu, Mars and Saturn placed in 6th

· Rahu and Jupiter placed in ascendant

· Mars and Rahu placed in 6th

· Lord of ascendant and Rahu/Ketu/a malefic placed in 8th

· Jupiter, Sun and Rahu posited in 3rd

· Saturn and Mars placed in 8th

· Venus and Mars placed in Aries/Scorpio

· Mars and Moon posited in Aries/Taurus and aspected by Jupiter and Saturn





Source by Geeta Jha

Astrological Ethics – Astrology Predictions 2010


For folks in quest of genuine advice and comprehension from Astrology predictions, the internet could be a labyrinth tricky to get your way through. There are numerous reliable astrologers and at the same time there are those that are merely in the hunt for a quick profit. Do not lose hope; you can evade the profit seekers by sticking to some key points while searching.

Always keep in mind astrology predictions are not about finding ways to win a lottery or wicked forces slowing you down. Stay away from those that pledge monetary boons, immediate solutions or mention that wicked forces are against you and you need their help to get rid of these forces. Natal or Transit Astrology is not like this, but this is why there are so many people who think Astrology predictions are bogus.

A good astrologer can offer the following predictions after analyzing your horoscope:

– Planetary Positions And Their Effects

– Your Career And Financial Prospects

– Your Relationships

– Level Of Collection Of Money In Your Life

– Areas From Where Money Can Be Brought In

– Any Combinations/Habits That Make Money Issues Negative For You

– Periods Of Highs And Lows etc…etc

– Natal Chart Reading is about Personality

A genuine natal chart reading focuses on your individuality, strong points and weak points. It makes the window open for you to understand yourself. A good reading will be consisted of a consistent, complete sight of all the constituents in a chart and not merely a list of signs and houses where the planets are in.

Planets describe what energies are working, signs describe how they work and the houses describe where they work. Aspects imply the use and/or misuse of the energies involving the planets. A natal chart reveals natural tendencies of conduct, both good and bad but main thing is you have power over of your actions.

Changing all this information into a real reading takes time and requires knowledge of the diverse pieces. There may be inconsistencies in a chart that need deep study to ascertain a person’s conduct traits. For example, a Sun sign in Pisces along with a Rising sign in Taurus can change a pensive Piscean into a pragmatic person. On the other hand, if Mercury is in Pisces square Jupiter this may initiate inconsequential spending. Toss Saturn into a high position in Libra and yet again the intermingling changes.

Difference between Good and Bad Natal Chart Readings

An inferior reading will offer you a list of signs and houses in which the planets are situated, and probably emphasize a few of the aspects. The documentation will look as if somebody simply plucked it out of a book. Appraisal of the document could be very puzzling for the client as a result of the possibility for contradictory information. Mars in Capricorn is exalted, but locate Mars in the 4th house square Uranus and a totally dissimilar energy is working. The ignorant seeker of information will not know how to resolve the inconsistencies in such a reading.

A good reading must comprise a copy of the natal chart, 1-3 pages of a synopsis of your personality, plus features of specific aspects of planet or house locations with high level of power. A very experienced astrology may also record health inclinations, physical behavior and karmic instruction.

Make sure you do research prior to choosing an Astrologer. Look for Astrology frauds related and watch out the astrologer assuring to change your life completely – only you can do that with the apparatus a good reading offers you.


Source by Apoorve N Saxena

Sharon Osbourne – Numerology, Astrology, I Ching


Sharon Osbourne – date of birth – 9th October 1952

Rock matriarch, music manager/promoter, married to Black Sabbath’s Prince of Darkness, Ozzy Osbourne.






Life Path number 27/9 – harmonious

She has a line of strength, the Line of determination! Too right! Look who she’s married to and look what she has had to overcome.

She is a Life Path 9: Symbolizing the idealism of changing the world for the better, for the benefit of all. Containing the wealth of human experience, it is therefore unpredictable and prone to know the extremes of human emotion and experience. A life Path 9 must know compassion and a generosity of spirit in order to be truly fulfilled.

Nines are idealists who must channel their beliefs and intuitions into contributing to the common good. They may come across as naïve. Through their idealism and desire to help others, nines can be too trusting of other people and find themselves being exploited or manipulated, and they are generally not considered good judges of character. Nines dream of a perfection in society, marriage, and self. All too often, however, this less than perfect world can fail to live up to expectation. This realization can turn the Nine’s enthusiasm into a bitter cynicism. Unconditional love and tolerance is the way forward; along with the sacrifice of attachment to material possessions and financial wealth.

Those who cling to the material trappings of achievement or to a partner that they depend on too much for reassurance and security can experience frustrations in their daily lives.

The nines need to ‘let go’ and realize their higher purpose: to inspire and unite those around them in universal love. The number 9, having a tendency toward extremes, can symbolise love or war, ecstasy and depression. It is a creative number, and Life Path 9s are charismatic and emotional people.

Sharon O has two 9s in her date of birth, so she may lean towards the assertive characteristics of the 9: Impractical, fickle, lack of tolerance for others’ views, but also too generous, impatient and temperamental.

Life Path 27/9: Those on this life path need to work through subconscious issues of mistrust and betrayal. Therefore life provides them with many situations that repeat the same message: trust your heart; let your mind surrender to the wisdom of the heart. This refers to the feeling dimension. They tend to mentalize everything instead of trusting their own feelings or intuition.

They can become awareness-training addicts or spiritual vagabonds, going from one workshop to another, looking for confirmation and guidance from teachers or guides. The more they monitor the opinions of others, the more difficulty they have getting in touch with their own feelings.

The 7 energy causes them to focus in the mind and leads them to avoid feelings. Even with their social chatter and outer animation, internally, they feel more like hermits or even look like them, and they definitely need their own space.

Most 27/9s appear self-assured and have a natural charisma associated with the leadership energy of 9s. Their sometimes forceful mental ideas and opinions overcompensate for their lack of trust. These ideas can become fanatical. They may be like quiet zealots.

Many 27/9s fear spirituality because of subconscious fears of getting too close to the flame. Whether they are conscious of it or not, most 27/9s find an inner resonance with those who were persecuted because their loyalty was to the higher laws of spirit, not the current ruling order.

Most 27/9s carry a significant amount of debris from troublesome childhoods. They may experience sensitivity in the heart area if they suffer from chronic, unresolved feelings of betrayal. Feelings of isolation and disconnection can lead some to psychological disturbances, as well as abuse of drugs or alcohol, which numbs their inner pain.

In relationships, the key is letting go of mental processes and entering their feelings, untroubled by thoughts, beliefs and opinions of others. Their relationships offer the chance to experience vulnerability, wherein lessons of trust are learned. Good sex for them is like going to confession. Sexuality for them serves as a means to find harmony, connection and communion, rather than just raw pleasure.

Most 27/9s excel in service and healing-related work, in the broadest meaning of those terms. Their natural charisma, which they don’t always appreciate and trust, makes them compelling dancers, actors, or artists, but their art feels more meaningful if connected to a higher purpose. They most often earn enough money to meet their needs and then some.

27/9s need to ‘learn and recite’ the Spiritual Laws* of:

Higher Will, Intuition, Faith, Flexibility and No Judgments to help them in their daily lives.

More Numerology:

Birth name: Sharon Rachel Levy

Expression number: 6

The expression number tells you how to best come into line with your life path number. Hers is as follows:

  • Always keep in touch with family
  • Try to help colleagues and close associates resolve difficulties, but don’t get overburdened with problems that aren’t your concern
  • Your work should include using your talent for training and developing others: these exceptional individuals are born with an innate talent of uplifting the spirits of others, especially during hard times. Some of them do this through service and others accomplish this through art, music or writing.
  • Keep your home clean and tidy
  • Maintain the positive chi energies flowing throughout your home with the creative use of colour
  • Try gardening and keeping some house plants, as this will help keep the energies balanced

Personality traits: 8

  • The personality number tells you how you ‘appear’ to other people. Hers is as follows:
  • They radiate self-assurance and power, appearing ambitious and goal-oriented
  • They are used to positions of leadership and always seem in control of the situation
  • They are good managers of people and delegate effectively
  • They are smartly presented and highly organized people
  • They exude success; through the way they dress, by having a nice car, jewelery, etc.

Sharon’s Astrology:


Librans have a very strong need to form relationships and are never truly happy when alone. Often they see a relationship as giving them a sense of identity and validity. They have a great deal of loving affection to give to a partner. Venus’ rulership of this sign imparts a sensuality and a love of luxury surroundings; Librans adore setting the scene for a romantic evening.

At work, Librans have a calm, unflappable air, perhaps disguising the fact that they are ambitious in their careers.

They are innovative at design and decor, whether dressing a stage, a window or a top model. As they make such efforts to get on well with others, any career that involves the bringing together of people is a natural extension of their abilities. If you give them creative work to do, they’ll handle it masterfully. They can bring a touch of class and eye-appeal to most any task.

The problem arises when deadlines must be met. Libra, being of the air element, can get carried away and lose track of time. They’re often late for appointments. It’s just that they don’t want to hurt the feelings of the one they’re with, so they linger when they should get up and go. However, when they do arrive, the Libran will charm the socks off you!

They are charm personified; people take to them immediately and this is something that they thrive upon. They have a friendly, genuine interest in the people around them and take a pretty laid-back attitude to life and their surroundings most of the time. Don’t be deceived by this, however, because it’s well known that Librans accomplish this only through knowing that they have everything balanced and under control.

I Ching:

Thought I’d throw an I Ching, to see what they recommend for her right now:

25: Without Embroiling


___ Force




—– Shake


The hexagram shows she’s getting too involved and worked up about things! Doesn’t she do that? She walks off shows, gets really riled up, can be quite unprofessional at times, you could say, and although you might think it’s all for effect, I think it is genuine, and might even be putting her career at risk. Plus, that sort of behavior takes her away from rather than towards achieving her real goals, whatever they might be.

The description in the hexagram says: “Caught up, entangled, foolish, wild, reckless”.

Could this be true of Sharon? Could this be describing her behavior on TV? Or may be in her personal life.

It says to “Keep the right motivation, free yourself from anger, lust, hatred or greed for gain, which will give you the capacity to act directly.”

So again it is saying don’t get so caught up in things, which frees up her time to pursue whatever her real goal is (through direct action), which is the real purpose of doing that work, whether it’s just to earn money or some greater goal like helping people, the ‘getting embroiled’ interferes with that.

There’s also one change line at the bottom:

Change at 1: “Obstacles will be overcome which will lead to happiness and success. Go through with your plan”.

A change line on the bottom means she needs to make a change in her ‘inner self’. Maybe the obstacles are to do with her strong emotions and opinions.

Overall, it sounds like she’s on the right path, but maybe needs to lighten up a bit, perhaps not take things too seriously or too much to heart; to keep overcoming obstacles, and she’ll succeed in her goals in life.

I wouldn’t want her to mess up her career, with one too many displays of theatrics! She’s a lovely, feisty lady, with genuine compassion; she really does care about people. And although I’m sure she doesn’t need anyone’s advice, still … you never know.

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Source by M Monk

Houses of Astrology – The Seventh House


The 7th house (where the Sun visits every year) draws your attention to the business of relating, to marriage and the need for that special someone in your life. When you look at a chart and there are planets in the 7th (at birth) they are ‘activated’ at least once a month (by the Moon) and once a year by the Sun, along with other visitors to the 7th at various time in the year and in your life. Your natal chart offers information about how you cooperate with others and they with you = relationships. Lawsuits are also shown here as well as one-to-one friendships (your best friend). What you think you lack in yourself you’ll attract in others and what you abhor in others is a reflection of what you ‘hate’ in yourself!

Being the house of Attraction you’ll ‘draw’ to yourself whatever and whomever you need in order to grow and develop. In understanding any planets within or aspects to the 7th you’ll come to understand what it is you NEED (which is different to what you want). Remember, this position won’t show any actual person but it will indicate the ‘type’ of individual being ‘drawn’ into your life or, the type of person you’re attracted to…

Grandparents are shown here as well as anyone who acts on your behalf (agents etc.). Being the house of Open Enemies (and who is our biggest enemy?) refer to this house when you feel you’re being ‘persecuted’ in any way… The 7th house is multi-faceted for it is the house of equality and if any relationship, marriage or union is not ‘equal’ then failure is sure to follow. The challenge of how two people can make any kind of relationship (marriage) work is perhaps the greatest challenge we all face, it is not to be taken lightly. Talking of marriage, not everyone enters the marital bed with ‘love in his or her eyes’. No way for there’s often a hidden agenda working beneath the surface. Fire signs indicate and impulsiveness in forming partnerships. Earth signs take their time. Air signs need communication. Water signs need relationships more than most thinking “being with someone is better than being alone… ” This information is offered as a guideline only for there are many, many dynamics at work when two people meet face-to-face (another keyword for this house).

Human being are perhaps the most vulnerable of all when it comes to relationships for many, many attract the same circumstances over and over again, never really learning anything, it’s always something that happens to them or the other person’s fault or, even blaming FATE…

The 7th house in reality is asking you to look at your 1st for they mirror each other.

Look to any planets in this house for they’ll tell you about what you need or what you can expect in any partnership/relationship/close friendship. Example the Sun in the 7th could mean looking for a father figure! The Moon could mean that you’re looking for a mother figure and so on. “I have Uranus located here – what does that say about what I need?” Drop me an email with your suggestions LOL. Sometimes the actual sign or the element of the sign on the cusp can give you a clue as to what you need in a partner or, what you need to express outwardly.

Being the house of ‘balance’ it’s often the case that we seek in ‘another’ that part of our ‘self’ that need to be made ‘whole’ (whether this is achieved easily is another matter) for remember this house is all about the identification of oneself through interacting with others on a personal level (remember this the next time you pick a ‘fight’ with another for you’re really ‘fighting’ with yourself!) Examine this house for it set’s in motion patterns. “If you always do what you’ve always done then you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” As I said the 7th house indicates patterns and if you won’t learn from the experiences offered by this house then you are ‘doomed’ to repeat them until you do.

Keeping in mind ‘patterns’ are set in motion if the same thing happens to you a third time and then they are difficult to break.


Source by Thomas Muldoon